Casavostra - Our Story
Casavostra is a meeting place in Central Algarve, combining an Italian restaurant and a café-bar.

The restaurant first opened in the summer of 2003, importing its concept from the popular pizzeria Casanova next to the disco Lux in Lisbon.

In 2011 the relocation to Al4uatro presented the perfect opportunity to make some changes to the original concept and to increase our offer. However for the happiness of our clients our pizzaiolos and pizzas, arguably the best in the Algarve, remained untouched.

The partnership of our concept with this renowned interior design shop could only have given great results! Our much appreciated traditional Italian cuisine is now served in a fantastic contemporary space with an easy-going and welcoming atmosphere and a spacious terrace to take advantage of Algarve’s sunny climate.

Delicious food. A relaxed atmosphere. And a price that is a real treat.
Casavostra offers all the conditions for you to feel at home.

Casavostra - What´s new
For your convenience we are now open all day without interruption

Come and lounge at our café-bar serving cocktails, lavazza coffee and a lot more!

Free wi-fi and takeaway available
free WI FI

Casavostra - What makes us special
We serve simple and tasty food made with fresh ingredients from our garden or imported from Italy and cooked in wood-fired ovens. Real food served in a fantastic space, that is our secret!

Italian wood-fired ovens Italian wood-fired ovens

The combination of Italian ingredients and our 2 wood-fired ovens are essential elements in preparing our pizzas and food.
Italian wood-fired ovens Italian wood-fired ovens

The pastry The pastry

The success of our pizzas is in great part due to our fine pizza crust, a secret recipe of our pizzaiolos and unique to our restaurant.
The pastry The pastry

Our garden Our garden

In our kitchen we use many ingredients from our garden. The rocket, basil and most of the herbs used in our kitchen come directly from our garden to the forks of our clients!
We use the finest quality ingredients and healthy cooking techniques to make fresh, fun, and most of all, delicious food. Real food – it´s that simple.

Our garden Our garden