Nature doesn’t take a break

Reflections on our first month of lockdown

Lockdown in Portugal and pretty much everywhere in the world. To protect our staff and clients and to help in the containment of this Covid-19 that we are all tired of hearing about we decided to close the restaurant when emergency state was declared in Portugal, mid-March. Its now been a month.

But our vegetable garden couldn’t go into lockdown. Nature couldn’t care less that this nasty virus is going about and our beautiful vegetables and herbs need tending to. It is time to start planting tomatoes, aubergines and zucchinis. Soon basil will have to go in too.  And there are lettuces, leeks, onions and more to harvest. Our pilot composting project (more news on that soon) and other environmentally friendly measures need to stay in place.

Working in the garden is also a great way to remind us that this too shall pass. What seems like a long time for us is nothing for nature. When we notice the baby figs already growing we remember our fichi prosciutto pizza that we only have in summer months and we wonder if the restaurant will be open by then. That is still about 1-2 months away, surely we will be open by then, won’t we?

Baby figs coming soon to a pizzeria near you
Pizza fichi prosciutto nham! nham!

As these first four weeks of quarantine go by we have gone through a lot of feelings of resistance – resistance to these changes in our lives, resistance to what is being done and what should be done. 

Slowly we are coming to terms with the reckoning that it is not a case of “waiting 15 days” for our lives to “go back to normal”. As scary as it may seem, it now seems obvious that it is unlikely that life will go back to “normal” in the next 1-2 months. Most likely we will have to wait until there is a cure or vaccine for this virus, so we are expecting more like 1-2 years.

So this IS the new normal. Learning to co-exist with this virus is the new normal. This is the here and now. If the first month was one of resistance, our second month of quarantine will be one of acceptance. 

And with acceptance comes adaptation. What changes will we need to make to our space, our menu and our teams? Shall we do delivery? Same opening times? What measures can we put into place to create a safe environment for our staff and guests. A lot of questions that we will be working on so hopefully Casavostra can be yours truly again soon.

Don’t know about you guys but we sure are missing a proper PIZZA!

Keep posted, more news soon


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