Casavostra version 20.20 post-pandemic

What to expect on your next visit

When we thought about creating a blog we hoped to share yummy recipes from our chefs and photos to open your appetite. Or sustainability tips and what we are learning from our garden. And everything else that goes on in the background and makes us love what we do at Casavostra.

But life does not always go according to plan. I remember hearing that life is like the sea, we have to learn to surf the waves. So obviously the central theme so far has been this Pandemic and how it has been affecting our strategy and our business.

So what has changed at Casavostra after all?

We made many alterations as per legal impositions, but at the same time what was important and what defines us has changed very little. As always, we tried to be guided by common sense, finding a balance between reducing the risk for our clients and staff as much as possible within what makes sense and is feasible.

Yes, we removed tables, measured distances and redid the entire circulation to comply with safety distances. We spent a fortune on PPE’s, alcohol-gel and disinfectants, disinfected air conditioners, trained our staff and applied yet another endless list of requirements set for reopening.

We received a shower of proposals with new flashy anti-covid19 equipments and products. It was tempting, but we did not go into a great shopping spree, buying things like thermographic cameras or disinfection tunnels. Acrylic aquariums? We believe our guests do not appreciate being treated like fish.

Casavostra Algarve Entrance
New circulation – Casavostra to the left, Alquatro to the right

“For our guests, after the somewhat awkward moment of wearing a mask or visor and disinfecting your hands at the entrance, the whole experience at the table remains practically the same as the original version.

My father always says that you don’t make changes to a winning team. We have not changed the menu or flipped to cheaper ingredients.

For now, and that is one of the main goals of the year, we have managed to keep our entire team that knows how to receive our guests so well.

And luckily the ambience in our open-space warehouse style restaurant is naturally spacious and airy and our beautiful terrace begs for lazy al fresco lunches and dinners.

And that is that. Version 20.20 is not that different from version 20.03, we hope you like it.

Honestly I think this is the last post related to Covid-19. Enough of focusing on that. We do not intend to assume, beyond the essential, a disinfected and sterile world, with less and less contact between people, all with a mask and without expression.

Social distance and increased precautions, ok let’s do our part. Social isolation with no end in sight? No, thank you very much.

So we hope to see you here, yes?



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