casavostra team

Throughout these 10 plus years of Casavostra, there has always been the concern to hire, train and maintain the most professional and positive individuals so as to provide the best experience possible to our customers.


In this family business we have managed to combine the experience of those who are with us from the beginning to the new ideas and energy of those who join this team every year, in a constant effort to keep up the good work and keep improving.


the atmosphere

The atmosphere is part of the gastronomic experience of casavostra. We have created a contemporary yet confortable space for families, friends or couples looking for their second dining room.


In the same location you will find the interior design and lifestyle shop Alquatro that adds elegance to the space and complements the experience making this the ultimate venue for dining and shopping.



our philosophy

Pizzeria Casavostra is a Mediterranean restaurant, with a focus on Italian food, in a laidback-chic and contemporary ambience that make you feel at home.

Well known for serving Algarve's best pizzas since 2003, this Italian canteen joined the interior design and lifestyle shop Alquatro in 2011, which resulted in a fantastic well designed contemporary space, with a pleasant terrace for the warm Algarve climate.


Our philosophy is to unite good taste in Design with unpretentious food with a focus on the quality of the ingredientes, a space where people not only eat well, but where they feel good. Casavostra is an everyday place for all occasions, that has quickly become a reference for locals and travellers alike all year round.

woden oven pizzas
penne arrabiata casavostra
casavostra pizzas
pizza making

casavostra pizzas

Thin, tasty and crispy. Made in the Italian wood oven Casavostra's pizzas are one of the menu icons. Every day the Chef pizzaiolo recreates the recipe that opened the restaurant in 2003 and placed casavostra as one of the best pizzas in the Algarve.


Our pizza is defined by simplicity, respect for the tradition and quality of the ingredients (many of which either from Italy of from our garden).


Currently with 22 different pizzas, mainly of classic mediterranean flavours, this is the place of choice for pizza lovers.


Pizzeria Casavostra in Almancil is a laidback chic restuarant with an authentic and tasty menu. We invite you to visit us, and just feel like its casa vostra!